MixMaster 88

Been in the game for 30 plus years MixMaster 88 has taken his skills to another level. CEO of Evolution 88 Mixes with brands like Legacy Mixes & Hooks-N-Beats. MixMaster 88 Has Worked In Some Of The Hottest Clubs Like Cowboy’s, Faces, The Hop.He Worked For GMradio.Biz (Tamp Bay,Fla) & 98.2 The Beat (Cali) you Can Also Find Him On www.mixcloud.com/mixmaster88. The One This Makes Him So Unique is The Understanding Of What It Means To be a MixMaster to create something that fan base will love to bangin there head to and keep there bodies grooving to something new. if you haven’t heard of him then you need to locate this dj cause even being in the game for over 30 yrs he’s still bring the heavy hitters that you can enjoy


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